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British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, at the heart of the Caribbean. Locally known as ‘Natures Little Secrets’ are the perfect destination for a yacht charter vacation. Through a unique combination of geology and geography, the islands boast some of the best sailing in the world.

The steady trade winds ensure smooth calm seas for everyone. Experience the many islands all with a serenity from a landscape where the few buildings are no higher then the palms. With protected anchorages, pure white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Mesmerising reefs, great snorkeling and diving; there really is something for everyone in the British Virgin Islands.


Tortola is a great place to start your vacation. It is the largest and most populated of the islands and has an airport and ferry port, making it easily accessible. The name ‘Tortola’ was given to the island by Christopher Columbus and means ‘Turtle Dove’. The highest point in Tortola is Sage Mountain, a National Park standing at an impressive 1780 feet. A walk through this lush rainforest will reveal amazing trees, wildlife and stunning views of the other islands and their coral reefs. Some of the best surf beaches can be found on the North side of the island, these along with traditional Caribbean restaurants and duty free shopping, make Tortola well worth a visit.

Peter Island

A short sail makes Peter Island the ideal Lunch spot on your first day of charter. Swim in the warm water, snorkel the reefs or visit the world famous ‘Peter Island’ resort with its powder white palm fringed beaches. The Spa is not to be missed, enjoy a massage whilst listening to the crashing waves and relax in the privacy of the hot tub overlooking the palms. For the more energetic, you can walk the whole loop of the island, and reward yourself afterwards with a cocktail from the beach bar and restaurant, or maybe a little something from the excellent boutique.

Norman Island

Norman Island has much to offer those seeking peace and quiet and also the party crowd. Secluded Benures Bay has superb snorkeling. Just around the corner is The Bight, the anchored schooner, the William Thornton ‘Willy T’ will keep you dancing until the early hours.
A must see are the ‘Caves’ where real treasure was found. It is said that the book ‘Treasure Island’ was inspired by Norman Island. There are hundreds of varieties of tropical fish and many sea turtles to be seen here. The nearby rock formation called the ‘Indians’ is a fantastic dive site.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the second largest island in the group and encompasses the area known as the ‘North Sound’. This is a water sports enthusiast dream with ideal conditions for Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Kite surfing, and kids tubing, not to mention the variety of snorkeling. Your captain will navigate through the reef and lead you to snorkel around the sunken 17th Century cannons and ships anchor, with the good chance of seeing Eagle Rays, Octopus, Nurse Sharks and Sea Turtles, along with the numerous colourful tropical fish.

The beaches are very secluded, and with their powder white sands, will appeal to sun worshippers and shell seekers alike all with the backdrop of Richard Branson’s ‘Necker Island.’ Ask your crew to pack you up a picnic!

Why not celebrate with a meal at one of the beachside restaurants. The Bitter End Yacht Club has local music, and a first class sailing centre. Saba Rock, built on a small island, was once owned by the treasure hunter Burt Kilbride. It has a museum showing some of his great finds from various shipwrecks. You can even buy the gold and silver dubloons to take home with you. A nice night out for families, there is a great kids menu and an outside aquarium full of fish, lobster, moray eels and conch – for viewing only, not to eat!

For a spectacular sunset cocktail, make your way by boat to Biras Creek. This world class restaurant offers an outstanding menu and amazing views, ideal for a romantic evening or relaxing with friends.

For a real fun Caribbean evening, visit Leverick Bay’s Moko Jumby night. These traditional skilled dancers on stilts will delight kids and adults alike. A casual BBQ and dancing, make this a great family night, or stay later for the top quality live local music.

For the ladies, Virgin Gorda has many small boutiques and a Pussers store.


Anegada, lies 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, and due to the large Horseshoe Reef and giant coral heads, can only be negotiated by experienced sailors, this makes it an idyllic escape. Its highest point is only about 28 feet above sea level, earning it the name ‘the drowned land’. The whole island can easily be toured in a day by taking a ride with one of the friendly taxi drivers or by bicycle. You can see the pink flamingoes in their natural habitat, wild donkey’s and cows, and then stop off to snorkel with the sea turtles at loblolly bay.

Keen fisherman can try their hand at fly fishing. Bring your catch back to your yacht and enjoy a fresh fish lunch cooked by your chef.

A visit to Anegada would not be complete without sampling the delicacy the island is famous for. Freshly caught giant spiny lobsters are cooked to order by the islands chefs. An experience not to be missed, enjoy your meal under a blanket of stars with your feet in the sand and a tropical island cocktail.

Jost Van Dyke

A pleasant downwind sail from Anegada will take you to Jost Van Dyke. Enjoy the sail by sunning on the bow, watching the frolicking dolphins, taking the helm or snoozing in the shade. On the way, stop for a snorkel at Monkey Point, where the Giant Tarpon make their home.

Jost Van Dyke has a lot to offer. Stop off at the picture postcard island of Sandy Spit, swim ashore from your yacht and explore this unique tiny island with its white sands and crystal clear warm waters. White Bay is home of the ‘Soggy Dollar’ beach bar, inventor of the famous ‘painkiller’ rum cocktail. Sailors are known to swim ashore with their dollars in their pockets, hence the name. At the other end of the bay is ‘Ivan’s Stress Free Bar’. The interior is decorated with millions of shells, and if you are lucky, you can spend the evening jamming with Ivan and listening to his stories of all the celebrities that have visited his bar. Have a look at the photos of Ivan with Kenny Chesney and Keith Richards on the wall.

Great Habour is the home of ‘Foxy’s Beach Bar’, world famous and often in the top 5 of the best places to spend New Years Eve. This laid-back beach bar has great food, especially the BBQ night, and if you turn up at happy hour, you may get to see and listen to Foxy himself and be entertained by his witty anecdotes about the islands.

So party or privacy, long or short sail – you decide. The British Virgin Islands with their secluded sparkling coves, gorgeous beaches and pristine snorkeling make this the perfect vacation destination for everybody.

You can choose between a long or short sail, a quiet or party cove, a secluded beach, exciting dive site, tranquil snorkeling,

Windward Islands

Located on the southern end of the Eastern Caribbean chain, the Windward Islands are one of the best-kept Yacht Charter secrets. With West Indian flare and influence, these lush tropical volcanic islands are teeming with wildlife sustained by fresh water waterfalls amongst misty rain forests.

The yacht charter area runs from the vibrant French island of Martinique in the North to Grenada in the South, including the island of St Lucia, Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Grenadines consist of 32 stunning islands and Cays, offering an incredible variety of destinations and diversions. With turquoise waters and palm fringed beaches the sailing is extraordinary.

The Tobago Cays at the centre of the Grenadines, are made up of five islands offering amazing snorkeling on the pristine coral reefs. You will find pure white sand beaches, secluded anchorages framed by sheer volcanic backdrops. The Tobago Cays can only be reached by boat, giving you peace and privacy. Recently made a National Park, this is an area of outstanding natural beauty that you should see for yourself.

Leeward Islands

The Leeward Islands are a yachtsman’s paradise. These islands sit half way down the Eastern Caribbean chain beginning with Nevis, St. Kitts, St Barths, Anguilla and St. Martin in the North. Antigua and Barbuda placed in the middle, and the islands of Montserrat along with Guadaloupe and quiet and peaceful Dominica in the South.
Nevis, St. Kitts and Anguilla are a nature lover’s haven. The Sparsely populated Nevis offers deserted beaches, peace and tranquility and great opportunities to explore a time forgotten island. From the top of the 3,232 foot Nevis peak to the wedding site of Horatio Nelson, there is a world of fauna and flora to be explored. Enjoy the sight of the green vervet monkeys bought to the island as family pets for the plantation owners, but now they run wild.

St. Kitts has one of the largest colonial forts still standing and remnants can be seen across the island of colonial plantation life. Hike the orchid flecked forests with a guide to the lip of the volcanic peak at about 2,000 feet.

A short sail from St Maarten is the “wreck dive capital” reefs of Anguilla with its miles of powder white beaches. Visited by celebrities looking for seclusion, it boasts great local cuisine of fresh lobster, seafood and a friendly atmosphere.

St Barths and St Maarten

St. Barths is the St. Tropez of the Caribbean. Café’s, designer shops, exclusive wine stores, galleries and unique boutiques line the quaint Swedish style harbour of Gustavia. The strong French history offers excellent shore side cuisine and nightlife abounds. Also renowned for its natural beauty, the shoreline includes around 20 white sandy beaches including Nicki and Shell beach, most with a coral reef and several offshore marine reserves.

St. Maarten is the smallest landmass ever to be divided between two nations. The French and Dutch can each lay equal claim to the stunning sandy beaches and sparkling waters. Visit Grand Case where café’s and bistro’s line the waterfront. You can be sure of a fine meal at one of the many restaurants with the best of France’s top chefs in residence. Margot and Philipsburg are the places to be for duty free shopping – jewellery, watches, cosmetics and electronics can be purchased at bargain prices.

Spanish Virgin Islands

A visit to the Spanish Virgin Islands will take you on a journey back in time. Until recently the islands were off limits to charter yachts as they lie within the territory of the US Navy. This has preserved the natural charm and landscape of the islands, which lie 15 miles East of Fajardo on Puerto Rico.

Culebra boasts spacious white and mostly deserted beaches, with local restaurants and small local shops. If you want peace and quiet and an escape from civilization, then this is the place for you. A must see is the only drawbridge in the Caribbean! Sail to Vieques, with its two world-renowned bioluminescent bays. Take a tour, Kayak and swim through the bioluminescent waters.

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